While most people are familiar with the basics of eating healthy, there are many little things we can do to improve what we eat and the way we prepare our food.  From the food choices you make to the way you cook your food, I can educate you in food selection and meal preparation. I can show you how to navigate the grocery store to help you recognize healthy foods and pick quality ingredients based on your particular health needs.  I can also come to your home and evaluate your pantry and give you suggestions for stocking quality ingredients that will make it easy to prepare delicious and easy meals.

Don't know how to cook?  I can help you lose your fear of the the kitchen!  I can show you how to take charge of your health by cooking wholesome, healthy and easy meals and even cooking in bulk and freezing foods so that you don't have to prepare entire meals each day.

Health Coaching is more then just cooking though.  We will talk about natural home remedies, tonic herbs, relaxation techniques and so much more.